Tour of Corus Entertainment to record “Will To Survive” PSA

Holy awesome day batman! (Minus chemo, yuck).  Recorded a PSA for Corus Entertainment today, stay tuned for when it’s aired during September on CFOX, Rock 101, AM730 and CKNW.  So stoked to hear how it turned out, hopefully not too shabby… It’s always so weird to hear yourself, I’m always just like “thaaat’s what I sound like?!  Nooo waay”.  Also did an interview on CKNW.  But ya it was pretty sweet!  Got a tour of all the studios and everything as well… Thanks to Corus!

Other things I’ve been upto lately… Well, lovely story of how I went to go see Lady Gaga thinking the tickets were for Monday, went there and they were for Tuesday… Ohhh cool! 

So we had to come back on the tuesday and try it all over again… But it was so worth it!  She’s craazy live. 

Thanks Scotiabank for the rad tickets!

By the way Vancouverites, whats with all the random weather we’ve been getting lately?  Pooouuring down rain then super sunny… Hello weather gods, what did we do to make you peeved?  Kinda refreshing though to get a bit of cooler weather, especially now that I’m a freakin’ menopausal woman haha… I can put my hot flashes on semi hold, woo!

Another by the way… My eye has decided to have numerous dance parties lately, it won’t stop twitching!! I look like some crazy nervous lady… Lovely for interviews.

Anyways, more exciting news, I’m off to Toronto and New York this Sunday… Yayay! Hopefully doing some interviews over there and spreading the word! This is all too surreal man, I have to keep pinching myself.

I have also decided that I have the bestest friends on the planet.

Anyways, ciao for now

Back to business…

Hoooooly guacamole, I can not believe how much support I’ve been getting lately with the song! Lots of interviews have been schedualed, including a couple BIG maybes that have got me super stoked… Some of which I’ll need to be travelling to various places… Ooo exciting! It’s so awesome to see everything finally coming together, big shout out to my family for being soo amazing.

I’ll have to keep everyone posted as to what big things come in the future 🙂 Also got a letter in the mail today from Mario Lemieux (um say whaaaaa!), what a nice guy! Made my day for sure.

By the way, heard some sneak peaks from Ryan McMahon’s new album… Be excited guys, they’re all good’ns!

So the Okanagan was awesome, first half was pretty crap as I wasn’t feeling good from the chemo, but once I got over that it was great… Did some watersports, formula cart racing, relaxing… etc etc. Had some interviews in there as well, but it was nice to get some down time and chill… Have you ever noticed though that you only seem to start getting into your holiday once it’s almost over? I tell ya.

Been dating the boyfriend for 2 years now as well… (crazy!)… What a guy 🙂

Watching So You Think You Can Dance at the ‘mo post more chemo (infront of a fan.. so warm!)… Loove it, makes me all sad though, I miss dancing! Feeling pretty decent right now, hopefully that continues!

Ciao for now,

Dan Mornar – Interview

Megan McNeil – Will to Survive – Official Video


Ughhhhhhhhh. Definately forgot what it’s like to get IV chemo… Man oh man it’s been a while. Basically feels like the flu magnified till you feel like you’ve been rolled over by a bus. Feeling preeetty brutal for today, hopefully it wears off a bit before I go to the Okanagan tomorrow… Chemo + road trips = prooobably not the best combo! Welcome back on the chemo train, woo!

Went indoor kart racing today though (after chemo haha, oh man), SO fun! Seriously love doing stuff like that, and I’m not as competitive as I used to be.. Found out I still have that streak though 😛

Went to Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza on tuesday (thanks to my awesome grandparents, thankyouu!)… Oh my goodness I can’t even express how much I love Cirque, they are aaahmazing, I so wish I was them. Went with Rosie, I mean, we think we’re pretty flexible, but they make us look like absalute losers! Too funny though, we took photos afterwards (in circus poses, obviously!) and I ended up pulling a muscle… Like seriously? How sad man! Definately should’ve stretched before.

Also forgot to mention that I had a wonderful massage on wednesday compliments of my awesome old Starbucks employees 🙂

Still have money left on the gift card too for more relaxation in the future… Big thanks to you guys, and miss you!
I still can’t believe that I’m doing all these interviews for the song, it’s so surreal! They’re starting to become really fun too! I mean, doing interviews with Saskatchewan and things across Canada, not just Vancouver… Craaaaaaaaazy.

Great to see that not only local people are jumping on board but national as well!

Anyways, off to be lazy and probably head to bed… So excited for a holiday tomorrow… Off to Kelowna (and a bit of Penticton) for the week with the famjam and Ryan 🙂 .. Should be awesome! (Lay low yes, but gotsta get some tubing/waterskiing in there too eventually!)

Ciao for now,

Consultations and new treatments…

Anyways, sorry I kind of dropped off the blog-train for a little bit… Friday didn’t exactly go how I’d hoped.

Had a liver consult for some local treatment ideas and found out some more crap results… Everythings grown again, liver by quite a bit.

Unfortunately had an interview right after, that was interesting to say the least! Don’t think my head was in the game that day, that’s for sure.

So basically, treatments need to change, along with punching back into the full time job of kicking cancer’s ass. Changing my diet again, as my mom’s a holistic nutritionist I generally eat really healthy, though need to eat ALOT healthier if I’m going to give this 100%. Trying out some different options… Budwig, Gerson, Raw diet, Macrobiotic… Any ideas anyone?

While I’m asking, any ideas for treatment options too that won’t attack my good cells? It’s so frustrating how yes I may blast the cancer right now, but what about my poor organs? Eventually they’re just gonna bite the dust man lol those poor little guys have seen it all. Kinda need those in the future, no big deal or anything 😛

Let’s see, what else is new that isn’t depressing… Went to Playland finally! So fun, but sooo hot. Was house sitting for the past week.. Picking up more shifts at work again (stat pay today, yeee!). Saw the fireworks on saturday, they were SO good but transiting home now is debatable.. It’s almost not even worth it anymore because the line ups are HUGE. Booo. Aso the song is finally up on itunes! It’s also on Amazon, and radio stations are starting to get on board as well!

Spread the word! Here’s the link if you want to help out an awesome cause 🙂

So some good things, some bad things… The usual!

Ciao for now,
Ps- I still look like I have a combover… It’s so depressing! lol