Cold and flu season…

Yuck what a gross combo… Chemo, cold and flu all in one go, woo!  Needing to get an extra dose of chemo this week too because I took a little bit of a break for my birthday (but it was worth it!).  Can’t believe I’m 20 now, sounds all old!  Been keeping busy as usual though… Got to speak again for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation again, a great ride for childhood cancer.  Been picking up more shifts at work too.  Also got to do another fun shoot with the uuber talented Jessica Luch (who’s been doing all my awesome photos)- check her out at

But basically been down for the rest of the time trying to get better!
Stoked for this weekend for the Music Therapy ride up to Whistler… Should be alot of fun!
By the way, if you hear the song on the radio and like it, phone in and request it, because we need more radio stations to get on board! 🙂

Ciao for now,

Toronto and New York trip…

All I can say is WOW.  This trip was incredible.  Basically found out on the friday that we were going to be flying to Toronto and New York for campaign stuff on Sunday… Let’s just say it for sure was a fly by the seat of your pants adventure!  Frank Giustra was wonderful enough to lend us his private jet for our flights, HUGE thank you to him, what an awsome guy.  The jet was amazing, and the flight staff were all really great… Bonus too, the food was yuuummy.  I felt like a legit rockstar or something!  They even let me watch the landing, which was pretty cool.  Let’s just say that I could get used to flying in style!

We first landed in Toronto to meet with sponsors for a concert that’s coming up in February… We’ve got some ridiculous artists hopefully lined up, so it’ll be crazy to see what pans out for that (I’ll keep you posted, it’s a little bit too exciting actually)!  It was nice to finally meet them all, they’re all great people (thanks Mike for everything!).  The next day we woke up bright and early (a little too early for my liking) to get my passport all sorted out.. Maaan oh man did I ever feel like the biggest loser on the planet for that (sorry Susan and Diana)!  Had to get a new one on rush (the old one had expired), and literally got it with 5 minutes to spare before we had to give the boarder all our information… Just in the nick of time, that’s for sure!  I thought I was good because I had Nexus, but unfortunately didn’t cut it… Oh weyll.

We then headed off to NY, and had the rest of the night to settle in and what not.  Let’s just say that my body must HATE extreme heat now, as temperatures were reaching 38ish, and then add on the humidity factor… It was smoooken’!  With the chemo combo and my pill schedule all out of whack, my body wasn’t too happy with me at some points, but meh, what can ya do!  So we did as much sightseeing as we could (and shopping, obviously) during our spare time.  We met with some more sponsors, including Solving Kids Cancer (Scott and John, you two are awesome guys… thanks so much for everything you do!)… They were kind enough as well to give us tickets that night for the broadway musical Memphis, which was reeally good (I looove broadway)!

So ya, lots of meetings (more that are so exciting, I’ll fill everyone in when it’s all sorted out and 100%), all jammed in to a short period of time.. Crazy, but lots of fun… I had to keep pinching myself!

Let’s just say this song has gone farther than I would’ve ever dreamed of (and opportunities have fallen into my lap that I’ve never thought possible)… I’m just in awe.  I’ll be headed back to NY again towards the end of September for a Media Tour for the campaign… Fun stuff I tell ya, what a job!

Anyways, back in Vancouver now (I love it here, I don’t think I could ever move away, I’m too much of a BC girl!)… Back to more excitement though… Tomorrow I get an ultrasound to see what the chemo has accomplished (fingers, toes, eyes, legs all crossed), Saturday I’ll be having an early birthday celebration as lots of my friends head back to school again this weekend (boooooo, I miss them all too much… Pretty much 3/4 of my girlfriends all go back, it’s quite depressing), and sunday maaaybe skydiving!  Then more birthday stuff and crazyness for the week ahead.. Life has become a gongshow, but I’m loven’ it!

Ciao for now,