Consultations and new treatments…

Anyways, sorry I kind of dropped off the blog-train for a little bit… Friday didn’t exactly go how I’d hoped.

Had a liver consult for some local treatment ideas and found out some more crap results… Everythings grown again, liver by quite a bit.

Unfortunately had an interview right after, that was interesting to say the least! Don’t think my head was in the game that day, that’s for sure.

So basically, treatments need to change, along with punching back into the full time job of kicking cancer’s ass. Changing my diet again, as my mom’s a holistic nutritionist I generally eat really healthy, though need to eat ALOT healthier if I’m going to give this 100%. Trying out some different options… Budwig, Gerson, Raw diet, Macrobiotic… Any ideas anyone?

While I’m asking, any ideas for treatment options too that won’t attack my good cells? It’s so frustrating how yes I may blast the cancer right now, but what about my poor organs? Eventually they’re just gonna bite the dust man lol those poor little guys have seen it all. Kinda need those in the future, no big deal or anything 😛

Let’s see, what else is new that isn’t depressing… Went to Playland finally! So fun, but sooo hot. Was house sitting for the past week.. Picking up more shifts at work again (stat pay today, yeee!). Saw the fireworks on saturday, they were SO good but transiting home now is debatable.. It’s almost not even worth it anymore because the line ups are HUGE. Booo. Aso the song is finally up on itunes! It’s also on Amazon, and radio stations are starting to get on board as well!

Spread the word! Here’s the link if you want to help out an awesome cause 🙂

So some good things, some bad things… The usual!

Ciao for now,
Ps- I still look like I have a combover… It’s so depressing! lol


5 Responses to “Consultations and new treatments…”
  1. jon says:

    Hi beautiful!

    I’m an 8 year survivor myself and just found out 1)you exist and 2) you write a great song!
    Just have a quick thought, you had asked about dietary possibilities in your blog and a friend of mine from the American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Survivors Network” ( swears by the “alkaline diet”. .. don’t know much about it but it seems pretty easy to follow. Should you happen to be in San Francisco sometime look me up, dinners on me!


  2. Bill Dehaas says:

    Meghan, i’m a long time and close friend of your Aunit Av. We’ve known each other for some 30 years! I helped her get into the lighting business many years ago. She has told me a lot about your battle with cancer. She has sent a link to your website and i am glad i went there. Your story is very warming and inspirational. Im not sure what to say to someone who is in your position. I know you’ve heard all the rah rah stuff but i want to just pass on what i beleive is most important. You can take it and run with it, or you can just pass it off as another rah rah comment.
    I pray deeply Meghan that the Lord will surround you with His love and care. I ask also that you go to him with your prayers and thoughts. Do this often, because no matter what happens on your journey here on earth, I will guarantee you one thing: God will have a place for you and me and all those who believe and trust in Him and a life that will be much more glorious than we can ever imagine for eternity. God bless you. Bill

  3. Evelina Azaeva says:

    Dear Megan! You are great girl – real fighter and I wish you live long and happy life. Dear, I am journalist, reporter from biggest Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Today I told about you and your song to millions Russians. Also I told about other Canadians with cancer, who making good things for other people. I gave it to my country as expample of Canadian bravery and kindness. If you want to see it, it’s here:

    I am sure that many people in Russia will read article about you to their sick children.

  4. Laura lynn says:


    hey it’s Laura (Sheryl’s niece). What can I do in Edmonton to help?

  5. Catherine says:

    Dear Megan,

    Just saw you on CTV news last week. Sorry to hear that the cancer grew back. My heart goes out to you. I imagine you could use a dose of your own medicine right now: someone singing a special song to give you hope, to keep your spirit strong, to give you inspiration, and to encourage you to live the life of your dreams.

    During the news piece, you said that you have tried many different treatments, including natural and holistic ones. I’m glad to hear that your Mom is a holistic nutritionist and keeping you on the right track in terms of diet. Regarding new treatments, I wondered if you have heard about Rhonda Lenair and The Lenair Healing Center. Check out and check out non-addiction problems and medical intuitive services. She comes highly recommended.

    Blessings to you on your journey!

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