Back from Seattle and the satellite media tour, skydiving and a new puppy!

Wowwww oh wow, back to being suuper busy!  What an aaamazing/whirlwind past week.  Did the Satellite Media Tour last wednesday in Seattle, which was a BIG day…  Basically I sat in the studio for a set ammount of hours and did a bunch of radio/TV interviews back to back during the time we had…  Woke up at 3:20 that morning (yeah, I was a happy camper) and kept going until around 10…  It was a looong morning for sure! 

I think I did about 20 interviews, so not too shabby!

It was pretty cool too considering I’m looking into Broadcasting as a career choice and this was quite the tester to see if I’d like it… I’m impressed man, having that little earpiece where 5 people talk to you and then talking yourself is NOT easy!  Helloooo ADD!  Took some getting used to but once I got the hang of it it was a lot of fun!

Big thanks to Solving Kids Cancer for making this happen… I think we got a lot of awareness out there because of you guys, so HUGE thanks for making it possible.

What else is new in the life of Megan… I finally went skydiving!!  Most amazing thing I’ve ever done…  Screw pain killers, jumping out of a plane is where it’s at!  Finally got the weather for it because it kept getting cancelled due to rain, so when the clouds burned off and blue sky showed up for Saturday we got preeeetty darn excited.  Still can’t believe we did it!  Saw Jack Johnson in concert the night before, he’s so good live… I love that guy!

So chill, and seems to be so genuinly in love with his wife… I absalutely love that (good ol’ hopeless romantic!).  Also got a puppy!!!  I am in extreeeme puppy love right now (where you think EVERY little thing she does is adorable, and your friends look at you like you’ve lost your marbles).  She’s such a little monkey, I tell ya, but soo loveable it’s ridiculous.  Her name’s Pepper and she’s a Schnoodle (isn’t that the coolest name you’ve ever heard?  I should’ve just called her by her breed.  It’s funny because with our last dog we were spoiled and got her at around 12 weeks, so we got the cute puppy stage but already fully trained…  This one we’re defiantely getting all the puppy traits (good and bad!).

As for medical updates, I’ve been feeling a bit better lately which is nice!  The shoulder/arm pain has subsided, so I still can’t move it above my shoulder (big bummer) but at least it’s not excruciating (legit man, I have a high pain tolerance, but this thing killed me)!  Keeping everything crossed that this is just some flare up from the chemo/radiation combo and not just from radiation itself, as that could cause some problemos.. We’ll have to see.  Also getting some liver pain again which always scares the bajeebies outta me.  BUT!! Exciting stuff, I have a biopsy schedualed for this thursday (how sad, I’m stoked for a biopsy).  Basically they’re doing it to study a bit of my tumor, and compare samples to the old ones and see if anythings changed and what not… It’s just super awesome that they actually get to study my crappy-uuber rare cancer and maybe get some basic questions answered. 

But yeah, waiting on that to happen and then maybe starting another new game plan (treatments wise). We’ll test out one more round of the Gemcytabine to see if it’s still equally as evil and then go from there.

Anyways, off to check if the puppy has pooped (joy joy!)

Ciao for now,


PS- 16,384 hits on YouTube… Chikachikayeaaa!

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