Back to business…

Hoooooly guacamole, I can not believe how much support I’ve been getting lately with the song! Lots of interviews have been schedualed, including a couple BIG maybes that have got me super stoked… Some of which I’ll need to be travelling to various places… Ooo exciting! It’s so awesome to see everything finally coming together, big shout out to my family for being soo amazing.

I’ll have to keep everyone posted as to what big things come in the future 🙂 Also got a letter in the mail today from Mario Lemieux (um say whaaaaa!), what a nice guy! Made my day for sure.

By the way, heard some sneak peaks from Ryan McMahon’s new album… Be excited guys, they’re all good’ns!

So the Okanagan was awesome, first half was pretty crap as I wasn’t feeling good from the chemo, but once I got over that it was great… Did some watersports, formula cart racing, relaxing… etc etc. Had some interviews in there as well, but it was nice to get some down time and chill… Have you ever noticed though that you only seem to start getting into your holiday once it’s almost over? I tell ya.

Been dating the boyfriend for 2 years now as well… (crazy!)… What a guy 🙂

Watching So You Think You Can Dance at the ‘mo post more chemo (infront of a fan.. so warm!)… Loove it, makes me all sad though, I miss dancing! Feeling pretty decent right now, hopefully that continues!

Ciao for now,

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