Megan McNeil and her family know how hard the childhood cancer journey can be. And how lonely too. BCCCPA was there for the McNeils, as it has been for so many. And it hopes to be an inspiration to others wherever they live whose worlds have been turned upsidedown by childhood cancer.

BCCCPA was founded in November of 2002 by twelve parents determined to do something to ease the burdens that come with childhood cancer. It was time…these parents felt that their voice be added to the chorus of many others who were speaking on behalf of children and youth with cancer and their families.

The childhood cancer journey is costly.  One parent often has to quit work to look after the ill child, and the emotional and financial stress often costs families their homes, their cars, and even each other. The rate of suicide and alcoholism amongst surviving siblings is very high.  The burden is to great to bear alone. Our goal is to help shoulder some of it.

BCCCPA works closely with pediatricians, oncologists, and others to identify the programs and services that will help a child or youth with cancer or a blood disorder meet the many challenges of diagnosis and treatment. Supporting the areas of patient care, outreach, advocacy and pediatric cancer research are the cornerstones of the BCCCPA mission.

BCCCPA advocates for and helps to fund programs and services that strive to improve the survival rates of pediatric cancers while also enhancing the quality of life for both the pediatric cancer patient and their family.

Childhood cancer doesn’t just affect the child. It affects the whole family and ripples out through whole communities. And yet research into childhood cancers are woefully underfunded, and support for families is woefully inadequate.

We know. Because we’ve been there. And we are determined to walk beside those who will let us.

To help us help families battling childhood cancer in BC, please donate at www.bcccpa.org.

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