Cold and flu season…

Yuck what a gross combo… Chemo, cold and flu all in one go, woo!  Needing to get an extra dose of chemo this week too because I took a little bit of a break for my birthday (but it was worth it!).  Can’t believe I’m 20 now, sounds all old!  Been keeping busy as usual though… Got to speak again for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation again, a great ride for childhood cancer.  Been picking up more shifts at work too.  Also got to do another fun shoot with the uuber talented Jessica Luch (who’s been doing all my awesome photos)- check her out at

But basically been down for the rest of the time trying to get better!
Stoked for this weekend for the Music Therapy ride up to Whistler… Should be alot of fun!
By the way, if you hear the song on the radio and like it, phone in and request it, because we need more radio stations to get on board! 🙂

Ciao for now,

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