Megan McNeil: Celebration of Life

Megan McNeil Celebration of Life

A celebration of life was held for Megan McNeil on February 19th, 2011 at the Bell Centre for Performing Arts in Surrey, which over 700 attended. Special thanks to the hosts Sophie Lui and Steve Darling, as well as the wonderful performers Ryan McMahon and Cory Woodward. The event began with guests being shown the original video and performance of Will To Survive given by Megan while receiving her treatments at BCCH. It was then followed by highlights of her life and featured photo videos, and moments shared by family, teachers, friends, hospital staff, and workmates. The afternoon finished with Susan McLennan featuring the Will To Survive campaign highlights and the final version of the WTS video and song that had been produced with the support of many people. This was an event that left guests saying they had never experienced anything like it! Special thanks from her parents Dave and Suzanne McNeil to all who helped organize this memorable afternoon.

As Megan’s time on earth drew to a close, she made some requests of us all. She wanted her work to continue, and for us all to fight for a day when no child died from childhood cancer. As a gesture of remembrance, her parents ask that you:

1. download her song from iTunes or Amazon and

2. share The Will to Survive video with as many as you can to help get her message out.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made to BCCCPA and/or The James Fund. You may do so by going directly to their sites.

If you would like to honour Megan by providing corporate sponsorship or other support to assist with the costs surrounding The Will to Survive campaign and the Celebration of Life for Megan, please contribute by clicking the link below. Please note, this is not a charitable donation. Anyone requiring additional information is welcome to to email: susan at babbleoncom dot com.



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  1. Courtney Bruno says:

    My mother, aunt, and grandmother have all had cancer, and of different types. My mother had cervical cancer and luckily survived it, my aunt was just diagnosed with skin cancer, and my grandmother with lung cancer. My grandmother has been going to chemo therapy and has now lost all her hair. But she is fighting it and says she is getting stronger everyday. I was lead to this site through Angie Pirogs myspace site, as she had went to my highschool, and I came across her page a couple years ago through friends on facebook, and I just recently remembered how beautiful I thought her voice was. Girls like these so young and precious and full of life are so inspirational. I’m 18 years old and my health is good, but I have been getting anxiety and worrying about the time my day will come, and fearing for my family. This really helps me so much to remind myself and others everyday to be positive and love the time you have here, and truly live it as much as you possibly can. I’m glad I have had the priviledge to hear their amazing stories and beautiful voices. Thankyou so much, and may your spirits rest in peace.

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