Megan McNeil – Will to Survive – Official Video


6 Responses to “Megan McNeil – Will to Survive – Official Video”
  1. Judy Greck says:

    Just watched your video. It was just amazing,your song is beautiful. It makes you stop & think about how life is truly precious . .good luck with your fight ,my thoughts & prayers are with.

  2. Margaret Kehler says:

    Hi Megan… I just heard your story on the television news and love your song. You are so brave and giving so much hope to others. I am 80 years old and had cancer in 1996 and beat it… I thank God for that . You are a wonderful girl and I pray God will bless you in helping you beat your cancer… and helping others. God Bless you, Megan. Stay strong, You will beat this…. You will be in my prayers and I will be buying your song… I love it.
    Sincerely, Margaret Kehler, Riondel BC

  3. Cathy Kumpf says:

    Hi Megan, my prayers are with you always. What a wonderful song, I have told everyone I know about your brave fight. Thanks for helping others. Stay strong. Love Cathy

  4. Judie says:

    Hi Megan,
    I have worked assisting cancer patients through the last weeks and days for nearly 30 years, and your song really touched me. I now work with seniors suffering from all sorts of ailments, with a goal of helping to amuse, distract and accomplish a task each day.
    Your message is EXACTLY right. Well done, and all the best for your on-going battle- my positive thoughts are heading your way.
    You are truly inspirational, an AOL (Angel on Loan). Keep Fighting!

  5. Randy/Shelly Harrell says:

    I have just watched your vidio.It touched me. I want to share it with my church Sunday. The name of our church is New Hope. I hope you know Jesus………… We WILL be praying for all. The Harrell family

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