Megan McNeil’s Obituary

Born in Vancouver on September 7, 1990, Megan died at Surrey Memorial of adrenal cancer on January 28, 2011, surrounded by family and friends. She was 20.

Megan is survived by her adoring family, including her parents, Suzanne and David and grandparents Helen McNeil, Carolyn and Ken Reeves, and Jean Peters. She is also survived by her partner, Ryan Kadoranian, and many dear friends who shared adventures with our irrepressible Megan as she crossed as many items off of her “bucket list” as she could, including parachuting, bungee jumping and zip-lining.

Megan captured hearts across North America and even overseas for her tireless campaign promoting childhood cancer awareness. She wrote a beautiful song about the childhood cancer journey called “The Will to Survive” that legendary producer Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback) produced.  Emerging star Ryan McMahon arranged the song and provided backup vocals.

Megan and “The Will to Survive” were featured on media outlets across the United States and Canada, with Canada AM naming her campaign one of the best stories of 2010 and CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley naming her the most inspirational person of the year.

As Megan’s time to depart this earth grew near, she requested that those who love her continue her campaign to end childhood cancer through her song “The Will to Survive.”

As a gesture of remembrance, the family asks anyone wishing to honour Megan to download her song from iTunes and share The Will to Survive video on YouTube with those they treasure. Funds raised by downloads of Megan’s song benefit BCCCPA and The James Fund.

The family wishes to thank the BC Children’s Hospital Oncology division and Surrey Memorial Hospital, Child/Youth Services (CYS), Oncology Clinic for the excellent care Megan received over the course of her four and a half year illness.

There will be a celebration of Megan’s life on February 19. Details will be posted soon on and on Megan’s Facebook page: I Want to Give Children Fighting Cancer the Will to Survive.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to The James Fund and BCCCPA.

Those wishing to help support Megan’s campaign to promote childhood cancer awareness through corporate sponsorship or other contributions and means should please email: susan at babbleoncom dot com.


10 Responses to “Megan McNeil’s Obituary”
  1. Marc Morin says:

    I am so touched. It was during the evening news that I heard a blurb about this site. I had to come and see. I only wish I could have met her. What a brave, strong & courageous young lady. Her family must be so very proud of her. I am now going to download her song from Itunes.

    She is truly an inspirational Canadian who ranks right up there with Terry Fox.

  2. pat wilson says:

    Dear Suzanne and Dave,,

    It is with heavy heart I send my condolances. I heard the news tonight. I let Gaby know as well.
    Megan truly touched so many lives. I got her song for Christmas from Willy, and was so pleased. I will treasure it always.
    Suzanne do you remember the look on Willy’s face the 1st time he saw Megan in her “wig” for grad?? It was priceless. He was always so pleased if Megan was there when he came for treatment. She was very kind to him. Megan truly was his 1st “love”.
    You are in all our prayers, you can take strength from having such a wonderful Daughter, so brave and inspiring.
    Pat Gaby and Willy.

  3. Jessica Loxton says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss, I just came across this song yesterday. its absolutely beautiful and it will continue to help me in my journey. I am losing my brother to cancer right now, he beat it the first time at 17 and is losing his battle at 31…its such a hard thing to watch a loved one succomb to this disease. Especially that the ages that they are. Big hugs to Megans family and friends.

  4. Lloyd says:

    Thank you Megan, I did not know you in life, I bookmarked this page awhile ago because reading it helped me. In many ways, you have helped me to live. I have battled depression for decades, many times I have thought of ending it, today in fact I can’t shake that thought. When I feel this way I have come to this page, I read of you, your struggle, your will to live and how you passed after making such a difference to many lives. I realize at moments like this how foolish I would be to end it, for in you was a young women so full of life, whom left not of her own will but by a tragic desease. I am a fool, I think of taking the cowards way out, I do admit it grows harder to stay, but I am going to keep coming back to this page, read it, and admire you Megan, for whom you were and say a thank in a prayer for you, for helping me in my darkest hours, you give me strength to live. Thank you Megan.

    • Susan McLennan says:

      Hi Lloyd,

      Thank you for writing. It means so much to us all to know that Megan has helped you on dark days, and I know Megan’s parents will find comfort in your post too.

      In her own words, “keep on keeping on.” Some days, that’s probably easier said than done, but it’s worth the fight.

      Best Always,


  5. John Hapgood says:

    We are coming upon our 4 month anniversary of the death our our daughter Allison who was 12. She fought a short but courageous battle with Osteosarcoma (11 weeks 2 days). As her parents we look for ways to help us cope with the pain of our loss. Thank you Megan and family for providing that for us today. Our little girl was a star in her own right here in White Lake Ontario as an Actress and community activist. May the Lord bless them both and keep them close.


    John Tina Joshua Hapgood

  6. Barbara bardouniotis says:

    i am shocked, devastated, and upset that one of my former childhood friends has passed away so soon. She was a great friend who loved animals. I admire her for creating such a beautiful song for childhood cancer. my condolences go to her whole family, i know how it feels cause i lost two people as well.

    RIP Megan i will miss you very much! you are in a better place now. 🙂

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