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July 14, 2010

Holy moly, this is so exciting! I can’t believe my song is actually going out to the world, crazy!

I’m so thankful for everyone who helped me get this song up and running, including Erin, my music therapist, who truly helped me start it all, and turned it into something I would’ve only dreamed of. And BIG THANKS to Garth and Ryan;  you guys are the bomb.  Thanks to my cancer buddies for singing on the track — totally turned it into something even more special.

Cathleen and Susan, you guys are fantabulous.

Big shout out to BCCCPA and the James Fund, two awesome organizations that I’m very glad to support…

And of course to my fam-jam, the best of the best.

I’m so excited to see where this thing goes, as I’m already getting amazing responses… I’m so glad that it’s already helping out families, and spreading the word of childhood cancer. Hopefully the song continues to grow, and will help numerous people out there to get through whatever it is they’re dealing with… It’ll be so weird to see my song on itunes, and hear it on the radio! Let’s see what this thing is capable of!