Off to enjoy the sunshine

Aggghhh one of the worst things in the world = getting pills jammed in your esophagus… You can like, feel it work its way down, agrgrgrgrg… It’s taking forever! Yuckyyyy!  I also just realized I write blogs in the weirdest way… I like, sit on the floor and set the computer on the couch and type. Apparently I think the computer needs to be comfier. Prime seating for technology.

I also admit I have a legit shopping addiction.

Ok anyways, like I said, lack of blogging due to some action-packed-ness! Had SUCH a blast on the island (thanks Ry and Cath for letting me stay at your humble abode)… I’m happy to call you both friends, you are two wonderful people. I gained a lot of ab muscles from that trip laughing so hard!

The interview went well too and it was fun to see Ryan start some new recording… I’m looking forward to when the next songs come out! I’m also testing out my writing muscle by composing some new songs myself… I’m one of those annoying people though who never seems to finish them because I don’t know how to end it or something. The Will To Survive was the first song I ever officially wrote, so I’m testing to see what else I’m able to do!

Still can’t believe I was interviewed by Terry David Mulligan on friday as well… What an awesome guy! Big thanks to him taking time out of his schedule to come help out the project. I can’t believe September is coming so soon, and I really want to see the finished music video! Stoked!

Anyways, off to enjoy the sunshine!

Ciao for now,


2 Responses to “Off to enjoy the sunshine”
  1. Dan Mornar says:

    Hi McNeil Family, We have been here in Denmark just over three weeks now…heard about the hot weather back there..we’ve had loads of rain but have found some sunny beaches in spite of it. The girls will be in Copenhagen tomorrow…shopping I guess…after all what else is there? I’ll visit some friends instead. Next Tuesday we start for home but first stop inParis for three days and will celebrate Sue’s birthday there…more shopping I’m guessing…
    We look forward to getting home and will get in touch when we do.
    We’ve got the Copperdome Lodge from Oct 7-11…hope you guys can join in will be $50 per family per night and we’ll offer a two or three night option…got the Zip Trekking and a tour of a working farm organized so far…but there will be lots of fee time for,vegging out,cooking…and so on.

    All the best,
    Dan,Kirsten and Suhasine

  2. Message for Megan – Hi there… am writing you from NYC, I am the event coordinator that produced Solving Kids’ Cancer first Spring celebration in NYC last May 12, and we are just beginning the planning for next years event, again on May 12, 2011. I was introduced to your Will To Survive video sent to me from the SKC office about 2 months ago… and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you Megan, and offer a prayer of confident hope for your complete healing and all your dreams come true. You remind me of the monarch butterfly that takes flight from canada and journeys against all odds to land safely in the valley of the mariposa in Mexico over Halloween weekend. Three thousand miles with wings that are paper thin and no gps! I play your video when I feel like quitting… I play your song when I need to restore my faith. I listen to your voice to sooth my worries… and it comforts me. You are a soldier of love. Thank you, Megan.

    Nothing is impossible. Every new moment begins now. I am here if you ever need a friend in NYC to talk to.
    Ellen (53 year old kid)

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