Off to enjoy the sunshine

Aggghhh one of the worst things in the world = getting pills jammed in your esophagus… You can like, feel it work its way down, agrgrgrgrg… It’s taking forever! Yuckyyyy!  I also just realized I write blogs in the weirdest way… I like, sit on the floor and set the computer on the couch and type. Apparently I think the computer needs to be comfier. Prime seating for technology.

I also admit I have a legit shopping addiction.

Ok anyways, like I said, lack of blogging due to some action-packed-ness! Had SUCH a blast on the island (thanks Ry and Cath for letting me stay at your humble abode)… I’m happy to call you both friends, you are two wonderful people. I gained a lot of ab muscles from that trip laughing so hard!

The interview went well too and it was fun to see Ryan start some new recording… I’m looking forward to when the next songs come out! I’m also testing out my writing muscle by composing some new songs myself… I’m one of those annoying people though who never seems to finish them because I don’t know how to end it or something. The Will To Survive was the first song I ever officially wrote, so I’m testing to see what else I’m able to do!

Still can’t believe I was interviewed by Terry David Mulligan on friday as well… What an awesome guy! Big thanks to him taking time out of his schedule to come help out the project. I can’t believe September is coming so soon, and I really want to see the finished music video! Stoked!

Anyways, off to enjoy the sunshine!

Ciao for now,