The Causes

Childhood cancer is devastating. It forever changes the lives of parents, siblings, extended family and friends. Resources and dollars for childhood cancer research and support are hard to come by. And yet, childhood cancer research is very useful into the study of adult cancers and other diseases. Sadly, research into adult cancers doesn’t provide any real insights into childhood cancer.

And yet, when the research is funded, great things happen. A generation ago, only 20 per cent of children diagnosed with leukemia survived. Now 80 per cent are saved. If Terry Fox were battling cancer today, there is a good chance that he not only would have lived, but he would have not even lost his leg.

But there are some childhood cancers that have not seen those kind of advancements, and neuroblastoma is one. Almost all children diagnosed after the age of one will not live. And those odds are just plain wrong. The James Fund is determined to see a day when no child knows the pain of losing a child to this most terrible and painful of childhood cancers. And Megan is determined to help them.

BCCCPA has a very special place in Megan’s heart. BCCCPA is by and for parents of children battling cancer, and they have provided tremendous support to the McNeil family as throughout their cancer journey. Megan is a big believer in giving back. And she couldn’t think of two finer organizations to support while she does it.