It’s a diagnosis that’s unthinkable to most parents. “Your child has cancer” is forever life altering, setting you on a path you didn’t ask for and you don’t want.

BCCCPA was founded by families who have battled childhood cancer. It strives to support families emotionally, and to help defray some of the more common costs, especially:

  • Travel costs: Transportation to and from the hospital, along with accommodation costs are a significant challenge for families through long periods of treatment. We offset what we can.
  • Loss of income:  One parent must stay with their child throughout their hospital stay and during subsequent treatment, which may last months or years, resulting in loss of family income.
  • Child care:  Families have to provide child care for siblings at home while at the hospital with their sick child.
  • Medication:  Out-patient pharmacy bills and feeding supplements can be hundreds of dollars a week, only some of which is covered by Pharmacare or extended health plans.  Also, many people are self-employed and have no extended health benefits.
  • Treatment outside Canada: Some children face the prospect of receiving cancer therapy in the United States.  The cost of a two or three month stay in the U.S. is expensive and unsettling.

We cannot put life back the way it was. But we know the road families battling childhood cancer are on. We walk with them and provide support where we can.