The James Fund

The James Fund is on a desperate mission to put itself out of business. It was started by one remarkable little boy, James Birrell, and his family, who were trying to save James’ life.

Sadly, The James Fund was not in time for James, who died in 2001 at the age of eight. But its goal is to be in time for somebody’s child, and every child thereafter, so that no family will know how devastating neuroblastoma used to be.

Since its humble roots around a kitchen table, The James Fund has grown to be recognized as one of the leading funds globally fighting neuroblastoma, one of the deadliest childhood cancers.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is The Honourary Patron of The James Fund.

Now, this movement fueled by neuroblastoma families themselves, is no longer about saving one little boy; it is about saving every child.

James  believed that one day, scientists would figure out neuroblastoma and prevent it from killing children. Even when he knew it was too late for him, he continued to champion the cause.

“With all this experimenting they’ll figure it out and then all the kids with neuroblastoma will be able to survive,” James said.

The James Fund is working desperately for that day. And it’s not just for someone else’s family. It’s for yours. While research into adult cancers yields very few insights into childhood cancer, research into childhood cancer yields important findings into adult diseases. Chronically underfunded, it is often left to parents to fund some this most important research. Parents, and good people just like you.

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