Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon, described by Canadian Music Icon, Terry David Mulligan, is:

The complete package.

Singer.  Songwriter.  Performer.  Troublemaker.  Passionate human being.

For me… priceless!!” TDM

After releasing a new collection of songs into the world in early 2008, Ryan McMahon is heading into the studio again this summer to continue recording his original, organic roots rock.

Born into a long line of longshoreman, becoming a musician was a difficult and troubling venture for McMahon, resulting in his late arrival onto the music scene.  Hard work and determination beat the odds for this Vancouver Island teen and moving to the hub of Vancouver opened doors that would have remained closed in his home town of Ladysmith.

After a decade of discovery to find his sound, the fans, and where wanted to be, McMahon emerged from his time in the city with a new appreciation for his small hometown, the people who support him and the music he sends out.  His music expresses everything he sees in life leading people to live life without regrets…

“Put the past in a flask… and drink it.”

With influences like Warren Zevon, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Ryan Adams, and Bob Dylan, Ryan McMahon’s sound is as varied as his personality.  Mixing equal parts of tongue-in-cheek humour with tragedy and heartbreak, the live performance will keep you moving from hand-clapping and foot-stomping to quiet reflection on an emotional rollercoaster that takes you from his past through to the present.

Over the past few years, Ryan and his versatile band have opened for everyone from Lisa Loeb and Daniel Powter and Paul Brandt and Shane Yellowbird.  Being recognized as a country pop/rock folk singer/songwriter has Ryan McMahon visiting all ranges of stages from folk festivals and theatres to the bars and pubs playing his own full length shows and opening spots for rock, country, roots and folk artists across Canada.

Ryan’s independent debut album “Weeks, Months, Years” is available at HMV and Chapters, on Itunes and Puretracks… come and visit the website to hear more about Ryan McMahon.