Babble On Communications

Babble On Communications is providing Public Relations services to Megan McNeil and The Will to Survive, and is responsible for the oversight of media relations, sponsorship, public appearances and marketing.

Babble On clients have been featured in the top media outlets in the world, including Today Show, The View, New York Times, Globe and Mail, Canada AM, Manchester Guardian, The National, etc.

Babble On clients have included high profile foundations engaged in some of the most important issues facing us today, including the fight against poverty and the race to save children facing life threatening illnesses.

For thirteen years, Babble On has worked with The Kratt Brothers of PBS’s Emmy Award-winning “Zoboomafoo,” the Parents’ Gold Choice Award-winning PBS show, “Kratts’ Creatures,” and National Geographic Channel’s “Be The Creature,” which is broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world.

Babble On Communications also creates, develops and writes television programing and entertainment content for the internet, including shows currently airing on PBS, Disney XD, CBC, TVO, etc.

Internet properties we have created or helped to launch have made front page news around the world. One was selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress.

Susan McLennan

Susan McLennan of Babble On Communications

Babble On is helmed by Susan McLennan who oversees all strategic planning for clients and projects on the public relations side of the business.

McLennan has planned and executed national tours, celebrity driven events, and created and/or run campaigns that have made front page news around the Globe.

McLennan is overseeing the launch of The Will to Survive, the media campaign around it, and is responsible for both sponsor relations and Ms. McNeil’s speaking engagements and live appearances.

Mike Erskine-Kellie

Mike Erskine-Kellie of Babble On Communications

Mike Erskine-Kellie works mostly behind the scenes, in the development of creative materials to help promote The Will to Survive. He is also working in media and sponsor relationships for The Project.

Erskine-Kellie is a television writer, whose has written for PBS, TVO, CBC, and Disney XD. For two  years, he provided on-air social commentary for CBC news, until he was replaced by a tree. He created an internet sensation, Avery Ant, which was selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress and is a popular humour blogger who writes under an assumed name.

Deborah Keegan

Deborah Keegan of Babble On Communications

Along with McLennan and Erskine-Kellie, Deborah Keegan is on the front lines with media relations for The Will to Survive. She is also working closely with sponsors, donors and those who are lending their talents and skills to the project.

Keegan previously worked at Hill and Knowlton. And she is a big believer in helping people follow their dreams. A trained chef, prior to joining Babble On, she took a sabbatical to work in the kitchens of some of Italy’s finest restaurants.

She is currently winning her own war against breast cancer, and is inspired by Megan McNeil and The Will to Survive Project. To learn more about Deb’s battle, watch Deb’s Haircut.