Garth Richardson

Garth Richardson and Alice Cooper

Garth Richardson and Alice Cooper

Garth Richardson has worked with some of the best names in the business, including Nickelback, Hedley, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Alice Cooper and Kiss. He produced Rage Against the Machine’s self titled debut album, which earned him a Grammy nomination.

Richardson always has one eye on emerging music trends and up-and-coming talent in the music industry. He balances his time between Vancouver, where he and legendary producer Bob Ezrin recently founded the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, and New York, where Richardson has just returned from producing Black Tide.

The Nimbus School of Recording Arts is designed to give emerging music business professionals and technicians the skills they need to make it in today’s rapidly evolving recording industry.  Many students had the opportunity to work on the recent web sensation, Young Artists for Haiti’s version of K’naan’s “Waivin’ Flag,” which was produced by Ezrin and Richardson.

Richardson literally grew up in the music business. At the age of fifteen, he took a job at his father’s music studio, Nimbus 9, the legendary studio responsible for the making of such iconic artists as The Guest Who. At sixteen, Garth Richardson stepped into his own as the second engineer on Bob Seger’s iconic album “Night Moves,” and never looked back.

In 2005, Richardson was nominated for the Jack Richardson Producer of the Year Juno Award, which is named after his father. In total, Garth Richardson has three Juno nominations, and one Juno Award.