Ryan McMahon

Childhood Cancer fighting musician Ryan McMahon sitting on old truck with guitar nearby

Ryan McMahon knows a good song when he hears it — and he knew he was listening to one the first time he heard “The Will to Survive.” Captured by its imagery and powerful message, McMahon worked with Megan to refine the song, working the arrangement with producer, Garth Richardson, and creating the melodic platform for Megan and other cancer-fighting kids. McMahon also performed back up vocals and acoustic guitar on the song.

Fellow band members and friends swung by to play the music tracks for the song, including producer Ben Kaplan on keyboard and guitar, Dustin Young on bass guitar and Nik Pesut (Holly McNarland, Econoline Crush) on drums.

McMahon is currently hard at work on a new album and will spend the summer in the studio with his band.  It’s been two years since his Weeks, Months, Years album was released nationally across Canada on CBC, the title track subsequently awarded honourable mention by the West Coast International Songwriting Competition.

An underground favourite with a cult following, McMahon’s fans include Canadian music icon, Terry David Mulligan, who said McMahon is “the complete package.  Singer.  Songwriter.  Performer.  Troublemaker.  Passionate human being. For me… priceless!!”

Chris Brandt, President of Music BC’s board of directors, said this of McMahon: “McMahon is a fantastic talent. A master of both subtlety and forceful energy, his stage presence and songwriting are always worth the price of admission.”

McMahon is honoured to have worked on The Will to Survive, and applauds Megan McNeil for both her talent and her gift to the world. He was blown away by the other back up singers on the song, all of whom were kids fighting cancer. He hopes that those who like the song will buy it on iTunes. A new father himself, he feels very good that a portion of proceeds will go to help fight childhood cancer, and to support families caught up in its wake.

Ryan’s independent debut album “Weeks, Months, Years” is available at HMV and Chapters, and also on iTunes and Puretracks. To learn more about Ryan McMahon, please visit: