Tour of Corus Entertainment to record “Will To Survive” PSA

Holy awesome day batman! (Minus chemo, yuck).  Recorded a PSA for Corus Entertainment today, stay tuned for when it’s aired during September on CFOX, Rock 101, AM730 and CKNW.  So stoked to hear how it turned out, hopefully not too shabby… It’s always so weird to hear yourself, I’m always just like “thaaat’s what I sound like?!  Nooo waay”.  Also did an interview on CKNW.  But ya it was pretty sweet!  Got a tour of all the studios and everything as well… Thanks to Corus!

Other things I’ve been upto lately… Well, lovely story of how I went to go see Lady Gaga thinking the tickets were for Monday, went there and they were for Tuesday… Ohhh cool! 

So we had to come back on the tuesday and try it all over again… But it was so worth it!  She’s craazy live. 

Thanks Scotiabank for the rad tickets!

By the way Vancouverites, whats with all the random weather we’ve been getting lately?  Pooouuring down rain then super sunny… Hello weather gods, what did we do to make you peeved?  Kinda refreshing though to get a bit of cooler weather, especially now that I’m a freakin’ menopausal woman haha… I can put my hot flashes on semi hold, woo!

Another by the way… My eye has decided to have numerous dance parties lately, it won’t stop twitching!! I look like some crazy nervous lady… Lovely for interviews.

Anyways, more exciting news, I’m off to Toronto and New York this Sunday… Yayay! Hopefully doing some interviews over there and spreading the word! This is all too surreal man, I have to keep pinching myself.

I have also decided that I have the bestest friends on the planet.

Anyways, ciao for now

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