Ughhhhhhhhh. Definately forgot what it’s like to get IV chemo… Man oh man it’s been a while. Basically feels like the flu magnified till you feel like you’ve been rolled over by a bus. Feeling preeetty brutal for today, hopefully it wears off a bit before I go to the Okanagan tomorrow… Chemo + road trips = prooobably not the best combo! Welcome back on the chemo train, woo!

Went indoor kart racing today though (after chemo haha, oh man), SO fun! Seriously love doing stuff like that, and I’m not as competitive as I used to be.. Found out I still have that streak though 😛

Went to Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza on tuesday (thanks to my awesome grandparents, thankyouu!)… Oh my goodness I can’t even express how much I love Cirque, they are aaahmazing, I so wish I was them. Went with Rosie, I mean, we think we’re pretty flexible, but they make us look like absalute losers! Too funny though, we took photos afterwards (in circus poses, obviously!) and I ended up pulling a muscle… Like seriously? How sad man! Definately should’ve stretched before.

Also forgot to mention that I had a wonderful massage on wednesday compliments of my awesome old Starbucks employees 🙂

Still have money left on the gift card too for more relaxation in the future… Big thanks to you guys, and miss you!
I still can’t believe that I’m doing all these interviews for the song, it’s so surreal! They’re starting to become really fun too! I mean, doing interviews with Saskatchewan and things across Canada, not just Vancouver… Craaaaaaaaazy.

Great to see that not only local people are jumping on board but national as well!

Anyways, off to be lazy and probably head to bed… So excited for a holiday tomorrow… Off to Kelowna (and a bit of Penticton) for the week with the famjam and Ryan 🙂 .. Should be awesome! (Lay low yes, but gotsta get some tubing/waterskiing in there too eventually!)

Ciao for now,

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